Ray Cook: Going a week without saying lost European's name

"I am trying to write this day without mentioning the lost European’s name. There are store sales in his honor. That’s a distinctly American thing; if you are a dead white man that did something spectacular, you would know because they create sales offers in your name. Never heard of a John Doe sales event, have you?

Trying to go about my day without mentioning his name. I am attempting to decolonize my mind; it is a hard job and it takes much attention. This effort is sort of like trying to throw away an old garbage can. Very hard to do.

What does one do to alleviate the pain of remembering the first butcher of this continent? Some cities, towns, tribes and reservations rename the holiday to Native American day. I am not sure about that move. It feels like we are on the road to something like St. Patrick’s Day, or Gay Pride Day (not that there is anything wrong with that), or Polish-American Day, or Oktoberfest (German Day) and you get the picture. What? No Jewish American Day? All complete with parades and feasts and politicians bloviating about their long-lost relatives that had the genetic fortitude to pass down, of all things, high cheekbones."

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