Column: All quiet with no protest on Columbus Day in Colorado

"Last year, Columbus Day seemed on a particular collision course. While the annual Columbus Day Parade was gearing up downtown, the anti-Columbus Day protesters were gathering outside the Capitol -- right by Occupy Denver. And Occupy Denver had planned its own march through downtown at noon, right as the parade, and the protests it eternally inspires, wound down. But somehow, it all came off without a hitch... or an arrest.

Glenn Morris, the University of Colorado Denver associate professor who's long been in the forefront of the Columbus Day protests, had met with Occupy Denver in advance of the event, and some of them "did participate with us in our protest of the Columbus Hate Speech Parade," he reported at the time. And although the Occupy Denver General Assembly had been reluctant to sign off on any agenda, it unanimously endorsed the Colorado AIM-initiated Indigenous Platform Proposal."

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Patricia Calhoun: Wake-Up Call Columbus Day parade is quiet: Goodbye, Columbus protests? (Westword 10/8)

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