Heidi Heitkamp: A promise to work for Indian Country in Senate

"When I spend time on North Dakota reservations, so many friends ask me how I am holding up from all of the negative attacks from out-of-state millionaires. My response is to simply tell them why I got in this race. I am in this is for the child who wants to get a quality education. I am in this for the senior who wants a quality health care system. I am in it for the woman who wants to feel safe in her community. I am in it for the veteran who deserves a job and adequate health care. No false attack can take a way my desire to improve the lives of everyone in our state and be a voice for Indian Country in the U.S. Senate.

As Attorney General, I spent countless hours working on issues important to North Dakota tribes. It was clear to me then as it is today that we must honor the self-governance for which American Indians fought so hard. Additionally, the U.S. government must honor its treaty and trust responsibilities. As Senator, I will meet with tribal leaders frequently to hear directly what needs to be done to improve the lives of North Dakota Native Americans. I will also seek a seat on the Indian Affairs Committee to continue the work of influential North Dakota Senators like Quentin Burdick, Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad.

When I am in the Senate, I will fight to ensure that Native American children have access to quality schools. When I was at a recent rally in Standing Rock, I saw so many young children who I know can go on to be tomorrow’s leaders, if they are given the opportunity. We need to provide Native students with quality education materials, school buildings and teachers. We also need to remove barriers put in place by the federal government through No Child Left Behind. Additionally, I will push for investments in our tribal colleges so that every student has access to higher education and training for jobs."

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