Opinion: A different brand of anti-Indian politics in Washington

"Here in Washington State, our own brand of anti-Indian politics can be seen in the race for Governor—not the vulgar, highly visible kind like back east, but the variety that allies state political authority with groups and individuals that attack the sovereignty and treaty rights of Indian Nations.

Our state’s version has been practiced by Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna. In a report titled Trampling on the Treaties: Rob McKenna and the Politics of Anti-Indianism, we document Mr. McKenna’s willingness to ally with anti-Indian leaders and promote policies at odds with tribal rights.

We do not use the term “anti-Indian” lightly. By this we mean groups and individuals who seek to terminate tribal governments and break treaties between Indian Nations and the United States. There is no question that Rob McKenna has allied his office with such politics."

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Chuck Tanner and Leah Henry-Tanner:: Anti-American Indian Politics, Washington State Style (Indian Country Today 10/23)

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