Nancy Pelosi: Democrats working to help Native communities

"Under Democratic leadership, we are no longer turning a blind eye to the conditions and circumstances in Indian country. We are working to remedy them: by improving health care for Native American families and by fighting to protect Native American women from violence and abuse.

More than two years ago, we enacted the Affordable Care Act to put consumers in charge of their own health future—with greater accountability for insurance companies, lower costs for patients, and more access to quality care for every family.

In one of the most critical reforms for Native American communities, the Affordable Care Act permanently reauthorized the Indian Health Care Improvement Act—to help build hospitals, train nurses, and ensure healthy moms and babies in tribal communities.

The law will mean expanded Indian Health Service (IHS) services, including mental and behavioral health treatment and prevention. It will mean more clinicians serving Native Americans and rural areas. It will mean that tribes and tribal organizations will be able to purchase federal insurance coverage for their employees."

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Rep. Nancy Pelosi: Making Progress for Native American Communities (Indian Country Today 11/2)

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