Nolan Friday: Northern Arapaho Tribe needs a code of ethics

" What Northern Arapaho Tribal members need is some rules that everyone can follow. Right now, I'm sure that if you ask a hundred Northern Arapaho Tribal Members what Resolution the current council is operating under, you might get a few that know the answer. Most would not even care.

Right now we need a resolution that pertains to embezzlement of tribal or federal funds and misuse or theft of tribal property. A code of ethics for tribal employment and guiding principles for our employees would service our tribe well.

A committee needs to be formed that can put in order all resolutions that govern our tribe and have the General Council approve the findings. Then put the resolutions into a library of laws that any tribal member can access. That way, whoever is elected in as the next Business Council will be expected to follow the rules, be honest and be held accountable for their actions. "

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Nolan Friday: Tribe needs code of ethics and principles for all to follow (The Riverton Daily Ranger 12/7)

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