USDA Blog: Secretary Tom Vilsack hosts tribal colleges in DC

"Speaking to the presidents of tribal colleges from across the nation at the Agriculture Department last week, Secretary Tom Vilsack expressed his commitment to support Tribes and further strengthening the government-to-government relationship.

While USDA faces substantial budget uncertainty in the coming months, the Secretary noted that President Obama continues to work closely with Tribes to establish a “deeper, more meaningful” consultation process.

Vilsack also noted USDA’s plans to broaden the “Strike Force Initiative,” which sends teams of USDA field staff into areas of persistent poverty to assist in the preparation of applications for funds to improve quality of life and promote opportunity. He said the initiative is already in use in the Southwest and soon will be leveraged to serve Tribes in North and South Dakota."

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Secretary Vilsack Confirms Support for Tribes at Meeting with Tribal College Presidents (USDA 2/11)

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