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Review: Stereotypes, racism and sexism in 'Pocahontas' play

Claudia La Rocco of The New York Times reviews the bizarre-sounding Pocahontas, and/or America:
So, you know, blah blah and something something.

In other words, the onus is on you, dear reader, to supply the content in the Little Lord theater company’s wink-wink, “don’t really take us seriously, we can act ignorant and racist and sexist because we know better” play, “Pocahontas, and/or America,” at the Bushwick Starr.

The ingredients will be familiar to anyone even somewhat well versed in contemporary art. Purposefully bad acting and dancing, a junky set and cobbled-together script, gratuitous pop references, a repurposing of historical material with a few vague feints at serious political undergirding — it’s tedious even to list this stuff. But not as tedious as sitting through this nearly two-hour production, which clamors for attention like an overindulged child.

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Props and Pop-Culture References to Tell the Story of an American Indian Princess (The New York Times 3/16)

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