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Musician urges team name change as NCAI video makes waves

Proud to Be: One-minute version of NCAI video aired during NBA finals game on June 10, 2014, thanks to ad buy from Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation.

A fan of the Washington NFL team is the creator of the song that's used in the Proud to Be video.

But musician Tim Cretella of Virginia isn't letting his support for the team get in the way of the message behind the National Congress of American Indians campaign. He said the name deserves scrutiny.

“Personally, I think if there’s anyone we’ve mistreated in this country, it’s the Indians,” Cretella told The Washington Post. “And if there are any of them who are sincerely offended by the name, I think we should definitely consider changing it. I’ve kind of always been one for the underdog anyway.”

“This is the least we could do knowing the brutal events that occurred during the nation’s formation,” Cretella added.

Thanks to the NCAI video, which aired during the NBA finals game on Tuesday night, the song known as "The Battle" was heard by millions of people. Cretella performs with his wife, Brittany, as Doppio.

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How a Redskins fan inadvertently created the music for the new anti-Redskins ad (The Washington Post 6/10)

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