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Ray Cook: Decision sends warning for NFL team's racist mascot

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Ray Cook welcomes the decision in Blackhorse v. Pro Football Inc:
Most sports fans will blame Obama or the Democrats (Democan’ts) for their PC attitude—never mind that it’s an attitude that was shared by many Republicans, as demonstrated by the statements of support for the name change that continue to pour in. After more than half a century of Natives raising the subject of this offensive name before public officials in Washington, this issue finally became the latest writing on the wall of Congress. We have allies on both sides of the aisle in our coalition.

Pro-Football Inc. and Snyder are predicted to appeal the decision to a higher court or have the decision reviewed by a court. I believe it will be a waste of time. If only the courts always recognized our push to remain culturally and politically distinct from the rest of the country. Let me amend that: Some of us work to remain distinct. Others have joined, blessed, blew smoke and banged drums in solidarity with Snyder for the cost of a winter jacket, and 50-yard line tickets. But it is summer now and the sun does shine on those who wait. Who persevere.

Bravo to the 5 young ones who picked up the war staff in the Blackhorse petition and continued the charge when it seemed we were beaten.

Today, life is good, worth living and worth sending gratitude to all who helped and to those who helped but are now gone and to the Creator for teaching us patience, humility and the power of righteousness.

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