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Lummi Nation sends totem pole on long trip to oppose coal project

Members of the Lummi Nation with the totem pole in Washington. Photo from Love MotherEarth / Facebook

The Lummi Nation of Washington held a blessing and send-off ceremony on Friday for the 2015 Totem Pole Journey.

Master carver Jewell James and the House of Tears Carvers created a 22-foot tall pole that will travel 1,300 miles through the United States and Canada. The 22-foot totem will raise awareness of the Gateway Pacific Terminal, a coal export project that would be built in the tribe's treaty-protected fishing areas.

The final destination is Montana, where the Crow Tribe and its partner plan to ship coal from the Big Metal Mine to the terminal. But Jewell said the journey was not about the another tribe's right to develop its own resources.

"It's not because we don't like the other tribes that have coal," Jewell said on a video posted by The New American Underground. "It's because coal has mercury and arsenic in it and we don't want it in our water."

The Northern Cheyenne Tribe is expected to accept the totem pole in a ceremony on Saturday.

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