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James Giago Davies: Skin can get pretty thin in Lakota Country

James Giago Davies. Photo by Native Sun News

Skin can get thin in Lakota Country
Why big ideas matter most

People have noticed my column is not like the other opinion columns, and they may see that as a negative, but the reasons why my column differs from others goes back to an Eleanor Roosevelt quote I have mentioned before: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds, events; small minds discuss people.”

I was raised in North Rapid, in a world where most people discussed people, and the only ones who bothered discussing events were maybe a teacher at school, or your boss at work, or some really wise uncle. Almost nobody discussed ideas. They still don’t.

My recent Lakota Nation Invitational (LNI) observations upset a few people, not bad people, actually good people, but people used to discussing only other people, and on rare occasion, an event, like the LNI.

When I talk about an event, like the LNI, I am not talking about the people involved with it—I am talking about the idea of it. When the LNI was formed 39 years ago it became an event attended by people, but before it was that, it was an idea, in the minds of two Oglala Lakota, Chuck Cuny and Bryan Brewer.

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