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Steve Russell: There's a downside to impeaching Donald Trump

Steve Russell, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, is confident: President Donald Trump can be impeached for committing "high crimes and misdemeanors." But would Vice President Mike Pence be any better for Indian Country? Russell looks at the line of succession and finds some scary characters:
So, you want Trump impeached?

Are you sure? Maybe you should look at the bullpen in constitutional order before you answer that.

Vice President Mike Pence? Why not just cut out the middleman and appoint Jesus? Government by Divine Guidance is bad enough, but in Pence’s case if Jesus did not inform him then he is not informed.

Everybody knows Jesus preached against sex education and prevention of HIV with needle exchanges. Everybody knows Jesus favored the NRA and opposed Planned Parenthood. You see the problem? We are used to disputing public policy in secular terms and the Constitution did not anticipate government by Christian mullahs.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is reputedly smarter than Pence and is what passes for an idea man on the starboard side of U.S. politics. Problem is, his major idea is making the wealthy wealthier.

If you favor privatizing the entire social safety net and shifting the tax burden even more off the investing class and on to the working class, Ryan is your man.

Personally, I would balk at being governed by somebody who thinks Ayn Rand was a serious philosopher. I’ve watched enough sophomores get over her to wonder about the source of Ryan’s arrested development.

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