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MPR: Tradition mixes with modern at Indian gallery exhibit (12/13)
Interview with Eddie Spears about role on 'Hell on Wheels' (12/13)
Review: Jack Abramoff still boasting about lobbying efforts (12/12)
Blog: Another huckster stealing work of a real Native artist (12/09)
Blog: 'Native' trend in fashion ticks off real Native Americans (12/07)
Native Sun News: Tragedies shaped Crow Creek man's comedy (12/05)
Column: Agua Caliente museum exhibit shows Native cuisine (11/30)
SWAIA announces 'ambassadors' for traditional arts program (11/28)
NPR: Author looks for 'Last Uncontacted Tribes' in the Amazon (11/28)
Native Sun News: Festival of Books focuses on Indian authors (11/23)
NHPR: Museum at Dartmouth University showcases Indian art (11/22)
NPR: 'Cherokee Patriots' author discusses Trail of Tears history (11/17)
Blog: Native Eyes Film Showcase offers top-flight experience (11/16)
Blog: Quileute Tribe trying to dispel 'Twilight' misconceptions (11/16)
Review: 'IndiVisible' sidesteps Indian / African identity issues (11/16)
KVNO: Joy Harjo to share writings at University of Nebraska (11/14)
Interview: New 'Indian' characters in latest 'Twilight' movie (11/14)
Review: A 'Showdown' over the racist Washington Redskins (11/14)
Blog: Q&A with Bear Claw, Kiowa, on the Dallas music scene (11/09)
Slate: Author speaks about study of 'Last Uncontacted Tribes' (11/08)
Blog: Aboriginal Music Week draws bigger crowds in Manitoba (11/08)
UR News: Linda LeGarde Grover wins award for 1st effort (11/04)
Everett Freeman, late Paskenta leader, to receive award (11/04)
Blog: Oklahoma City Museum of Art showcases Indian film (11/03)
Abramoff claims Sen. Inouye forced ouster at lobbying firm (11/02)
Review: Searching Amazon for 'Last Uncontacted Tribes' (11/01)
Books: A Wampanoag at Harvard with 'Caleb's Crossing' (11/01)
Review: Origins of Indian activism in 'Red Power Rising' (10/31)
Interview with Ariel Tweto, Inupiat, of 'Flying Wild Alaska' (10/28)
ArtsPost: NMAI celebrates legacy of horse in new exhibit (10/28)
Review: Twists, turns in 'Don't Know Much About Indians' (10/27)
Fronteras: Who should benefit from Native inspired items (10/26)
Q&A: Elyse Umemoto of Yakama Nation leaves 'Survivor' (10/21)
Blog: 'The Whale' follows Luna's story in British Columbia (10/21)
Travel: Searching the Amazon for 'The Unconquered' tribes (10/19)
NPS restores Indian art collection at Grand Teton National Park (10/14)
Turtle Talk: Sherman Alexie and Louise Erdrich deserve Nobel (10/14)
Q&A: Preserving Wampanoag language in 'We Still Live Here' (10/12)
Elyse Umemoto from Yakama Nation competes on 'Survivor' (10/12)
Suzan Shown Harjo: Some poems appropriate for Columbus (10/11)
Review: Book tells struggles of Yosemite Indians in California (10/10)
Review: Reality of tribal life in 'Don't Know Much About Indians' (10/07)
Review: Wounded Knee 1973 comes alive in 'Good Day to Die (10/03)
Opinion: Cultures intersect at South Dakota Indian art market (09/26)
Bam's Blog: Work begins in Oklahoma for Wilma Mankiller film (09/26)
Living: Asking Navajos about the 'neo-Navajo' trend in fashion (09/26)
Review: Ho-Chunk Nation in photos in 'People of the Big Voice' (09/22)
Review: 'Diary of a Part-Time Indian' contains message of hope (09/22)
Review: Gripping Comanche story in 'Empire of the Summer Moon' (09/21)
Video: Gyasi Ross stages an intervention for a turquoise addict (09/16)
Review: 'Spirit of the Harvest' cookbook offers Native recipes (09/09)
Native Sun News: Native designers show their latest fashions (09/06)
Review: 'Standing Bear's Footsteps' provides a valuable lesson (09/06)
Book Review: Siblings captured by Comanche in 'Ben Clayton' (09/02)
Commentary: Indian art collection on display a true treasure (09/01)
New Mexico museum showcases 'New' Native photography (08/31)
Memorial pole to be dedicated in honor of Native woodcarver (08/30)
Books: Diane Wilson explores 'soul wounds' after Dakota wars (08/29)
Native Sun News: Sisseton Wahpeton artist displays new work (08/26)
CD Reviews: New releases from the stars of the powwow circuit (08/23)
Santa Fe Indian Market opens doors to Native artists outside of US (08/19)
Indian Market working on tax issue as opening day approaches (08/18)
Santa Fe Indian Market hits a snag as city raises taxation issues (08/17)
Video: Gyasi Ross discusses 'Don't Know Much About Indians' book (08/16)
Interview: Mark Trahant on Last Great Battle of the Indian Wars (08/12)
Books: Taos Pueblo's battle for Blue Lake celebrated in photos (08/10)
Artscape: Tulalip Tribes document their own history at museum (08/09)
Native Sun News: Paying honor to a legend, Melvin Vincent Miner (08/09)
Wambli Sina Win: Ancestral artists - the proud legacy of women (08/08)
Interview: Digging for the truth in Nisqually Chief Leschi's case (08/04)
Donations sought to complete work on 'More Than Frybread' film (08/01)
TV Review: Raoul Trujillo stars as Queequeg in lavish 'Moby Dick' (08/01)
TMZ: Dave Chappelle apologizes to Seminole Tribe for bad show (07/25)
NMAI focuses on the environment with exhibit and Earth festival (07/22)
Farmington Indian Center celebrates 10th annual Indian Market (07/21)
Slate: The strange history and spread of 'Indian' prints in fashion (07/21)
Column: Football helped lead Litefoot, Cherokee, to music career (07/21)
Excerpt from Sequoyah Rising, book from Steve Russell, Cherokee (07/20)
Oneida Nation to finance first feature film 'First Allies' with $10M (07/19)
NYT Blog: Oneida Nation aims to put stories on the silver screen (07/18)
Snoqualmie Tribe passed marijuana resolution just as 'a joke' (07/12)
Column: Potters from Catawba Nation keep their traditions alive (07/08)
Gordon Tootoosis, renowned actor from Canada, passes on at 69 (07/06)
Truthout: Blackfire uses music in battle to protect a sacred site (07/05)
Native Sun News: Brule raises money for Lakota Circles of Hope (07/05)
NPR: Peruvian actress takes a stand with Quechua language (06/24)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee business meeting Thursday (06/21)
Debora Iyall, Cowlitz, making return to stage as a solo artist (06/17)
Opinion: 'Two Spirits' a compelling story about Fred Martinez (06/16)
PRI: 'Caleb's Crossing' a story of Harvard's Native graduate (06/13)
Artscape: Indian youth stage play on Nisqually Chief Leschi (06/06)
Review: 'Meek's Cutoff' represents a new type of Western (05/27)
Choctaw Nation to celebrate Choctaw Days at NMAI in DC (05/24)
Ex-employee files lawsuit against Indian arts organization (05/19)
Popular Creek museum display finds a permanent home (05/18)
Column: Book explores history of tribal relations in Maine (05/18)
Blog: National Museum of American Indian expanding cafe (05/17)
Review: Shoni Schimmel overcomes history 'Off The Rez' (05/16)
Native Sun News: Contemporary artists explore traditions (05/16)
Oneida Nation presents its seventh $1M donation to NMAI (05/12)
Oklahoma governor wants to finish work on Indian museum (05/10)
'Manoominike: Gathering the Good Seed' takes up wild rice (05/05)
'Idaho's Forgotten War' documents Kootenai Tribe's battle (05/05)
Learning Channel to air 'Off The Rez' documentary May 14 (04/28)
Native Sun News: Earth Day symposium recognizes artists (04/27)
Suzan Shown Harjo to receive honorary degree from IAIA (04/26)
Interview: Filmmaker follows Shoni Schimmel 'Off the Rez' (04/25)
Column: Minnesota museum acquires historic Indian shirt (04/25)
Review: Couple's Indian art collection retains spirituality (04/21)
National Arts Centre sets all Native production of King Lear (04/20)
Slate: Translating the Cayuse language in 'Meek's Cutoff' (04/19)
No more Best Native American Album for Grammy Awards (04/15)
Writer examines Jewish settlers among tribes in the West (04/14)
New Mexico to name Native squash blossom as official necklace (04/05)
Documentary follows Shoni Schimmel, Umatilla basketball star (04/04)
Native Sun News: Keenie Word, Oglala Sioux, is star on the rise (04/01)
Arts: See Native American New Play Festival in Oklahoma City (04/01)
Poundmaker First Nation bars Native performance of Antigone (04/01)
Review: How tribes in Washington lost millions of acres of land (03/28)
'Smiling Indians' video a response to historic Ed Curtis photos (03/23)
AZPM: Yaqui guitarist Gabriel Ayala aims to reach Indian youth (03/22)
Review: Not just Navajos and Cherokees in 'Frybread Queen' (03/21)
Native artists in New Mexico raising money for Japanese relief (03/18)
Review: Engaging and surprising narrative in 'Frybread Queen' (03/16)
Review: Sisters pull together in 'Tombs Of The Vanishing Indian' (03/15)
Interview with Chris Eyre on his new project 'A Year in Mooring' (03/15)
Interview: S.C. Gwynne, author of 'Empire of the Summer Moon' (03/15)
WSJ: Museum exhibits defy stereotypes on American Indian art (03/15)
Review: A confusing exhibit in 'Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains' (03/15)
MPR: Ojibwe columnist Jim Northrup reflects on a life of 'Follies' (03/15)
Review: Our shameful history in 'Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek' (03/14)
Review: Jim Northrup regales readers with 'A View From The Rez' (03/14)
Passamaquoddy basketmaker Jeremy Frey wins top Heard honor (03/09)
Column: Documentary features Catawba potter Margaret Robbins (03/09)
Dozens audition for Indian roles in Sheriff Walt Longmire mystery (03/09)
A&E casts for six Indian roles for Sheriff Walt Longmire mystery (03/08)
Book Review: Chief Leschi and 'Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek' (03/07)
Book Review: Siletz restoration in 'The People Are Dancing Again' (03/07)
'The Indian and the White Guy' headed to North Dakota after all (03/04)
Dixon Palmer, Kiowa artist from Oklahoma, passes on at age 90 (03/04)
'The Ghosts of Celilo' returns to theater after successful first run (03/04)
Comedy duo asked not to use 'Indian' during North Dakota show (03/03)
Oneida Nation leader heads to Los Angeles to promote filming (02/25)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux artist a 'Living Indian Treasure' (02/23)
KPCC: Native American artists showcased at music trade show (02/23)
Film Review: Christopher Columbus revisited in Even the Rain (02/18)
Obama's new budget reduces Indian programs at Smithsonian (02/15)
Gathering of Nations wins Grammy for Native American album (02/14)
Review: Frank Big Bear paintings inaugurate new Indian gallery (02/11)
Ute woman from Colorado a percussionist on Saturday Night Live (02/09)
School district won't remove Sherman Alexie's award-winning book (02/03)
Filmmaker puts finishing touches on 'Moonhair' with all Indian cast (02/01)
Review: Short stories from Eddie Chuculate in 'Cheyenne Madonna' (01/26)
Rocky Boy's Reservation woman first in line at Snoop Dogg show (01/24)
Gallery puts century old Yup'ik Eskimo mask on market for $2.1M (01/11)
Interview: Louise Erdrich on Ojibwe family in 'The Years of My Birth' (01/03)


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