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Jerusalem Post: Poet Joy Harjo draws fury with visit to Israel (12/19)
Navajo Nation Band lands a spot in Obama's inaugural parade (12/19)
Cowboys and Indians: Glass sculptures show Indian influences (12/06)
Review: Tragic history of Dakota war examined for '38 Nooses' (12/03)
Review: Book offers another peek at George Armstrong Custer (12/03)
PBS: Book offers portraits of Native lives though Edward Curtis (11/23)
Review: Sherman Alexie tells the same stories in 'Blasphemy' (11/22)
Native Sun News: Documentary examines Dust Bowl of 1930s (11/16)
Celeste Pedri: Indian artists face appropriation questions too (11/15)
Louise Erdrich wins National Book Award for 'The Round House' (11/15)
Victoria's Secret apologize for model wearing Indian headdress (11/13)
NMAI in New York City set to reopen following Hurricane Sandy (11/13)
Review: Edward Curtis documented 'vanishing race' of Indians (11/12)
NPR: Mohawk character comes to life in Assassins video game (11/06)
Vincent Shilling: Social media in Indian Country flexes powers (11/06)
NMAI in New York City to remain closed after Hurricane Sandy (11/05)
Review: 'Custer' book explores short life of an Indian fighter (11/05)
Review: A glowing portrait of Edward Curtis and his 'Epic Life' (10/30)
Review: Championing Indian activists in 'This Indian Country' (10/29)
PBS: Louise Erdrich tackles crime issues in 'The Round House' (10/29)
NMAI exhibit features works from Abraham Anghik Ruben, Inuit (10/26)
Q&A: Louise Erdrich talks Indian crime issues in 'Round House' (10/25)
Photos: Jesuit priest documents decades of life in Indian Country (10/22)
Review: Flawed but powerful 'Round House' is worth a reading (10/16)
Review: Erdrich explores legal black holes in 'The Round House' (10/15)
Review: Book tackles 'Epic Life' of photographer Edward Curtis (10/15)
Blog: Edward Curtis captured humanity of the first Americans (10/12)
John Torres-Nez, Navajo artist, takes lead for Indian art group (10/09)
Review: Louise Erdrich draws in readers for 'The Round House' (10/09)
NPR: Q&A with Louise Erdrich on law and order in Indian Country (10/03)
Johnny Depp as Tonto speaks in broken English in 'Lone Ranger' (10/03)
Review: 'Native Diaspora Now' looks at Native Americans today (10/03)
Review: Louise Erdrich crusades for justice in 'The Round House' (10/03)
Review: Louise Erdrich explores justice issues for 'Round House' (10/01)
NYT: Quentin Tarantino discusses race and racism in Westerns (09/27)
8th Circuit tells Mille Lacs woman to pay in music sharing suit (09/11)
Interview with Emmet Yepa, Jemez Pueblo, on powwow music (09/10)
Film with Jennifer Aniston to shoot on New Mexico reservations (09/05)
Review: Tribal perspective often missing from Civil War books (08/27)
Southwestern Association of Indian Arts to find new director (08/21)
Books: 'Living With American Indian Art' shows tribal fashions (08/16)
Editorial: It's here already-the annual Santa Fe Indian Market (08/14)
NPR Photos: The light and dark on the Pine Ridge Reservation (08/14)
Native Sun News: Lakota artists score music award nominations (08/08)
Review: Contemporary Indian art at museums in New York City (08/07)
Review: 'Rez Life' provides a true sense of Indian communities (08/06)
Santa Fe Indian Market artists won't face tax concerns this year (08/01)
TV: A murder and tribal disenrollment on episode of 'Longmire' (07/31)
NMAI Blog: Julia Keefe kicks off concert series in New York City (07/31)
Johnny Depp's role as Tonto eagerly awaited in Indian Country (07/25)
Ginny Tyler, Snoqualmie woman who was Mouseketeer, passes (07/25)
NPR: Late Lumbee singer Willie Lowery became a cult rock hero (07/23)
Living Earth Festival at NMAI features Native cooking contest (07/20)
National Museum of the American Indian hosts 3rd Living Earth (07/18)
Review: Some missteps in energetic 'Andrew Jackson' musical (07/18)
All-Indian 'The Daughter of Dawn' silent film from 1920 released (07/17)
Review: 'Spirit of the Ojibwe' captures the endurance of a tribe (07/16)
Al Jazeera: Totem pole carving on comeback in British Columbia (07/16)
Native Sun News: Lupe Fiasco speaks to Pine Ridge in new single (07/13)
Interview with Chaske Spencer from 'Twilight' on photography (07/12)
NYT Blog: Shinnecock woman captures personalities of icebergs (07/11)
Native Sun News: Red Cloud art show holding strong in 44th year (07/10)
Native Sun News: Vic Runnels, Oglala Sioux artist for all seasons (07/10)
Review: David Treuer shares his Ojibwe-Jewish history in 'Rez Life' (07/09)
Review: Joy Harjo journeys to the four directions for 'Crazy Brave' (07/09)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe helps gain recognition for famous jazz singer (07/03)
Review: 'Magic Words' brings Chief Standing Bear's drama to life (07/02)
Native Sun News: Dakota artist honors the Sioux Uprising of 1862 (06/28)
Review: A touching portrayal of Chickasaw storyteller in 'Te Ata' (06/25)
Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe at NMAI wins a top restaurant honor (06/25)
NPR: Comedian Charlie Hill, Oneida, living the 'indigenous dream' (06/21)
Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe at NMAI vying for restaurant award (06/20)
Art: Museums in Mexico take different approach to Indian history (06/18)
ICT interview with Arigon Starr, creator of 'Super Indian' comics (06/14)
WaPo: Closer inspection of 'Horse Nation' exhibit at NMAI in DC (06/08)
NYT Blog: Photographs of cloaks from tribal cultures in Australia (06/06)
Artist from Cochiti Pueblo cites self-defense in shooting incident (06/01)
Review: 'Crooked Arrows' gets points for portraying tribal culture (06/01)
Review: 'Crooked Arrows' offering little more than generic drama (05/31)
Pueblo artist not charged in connection with shooting incident (05/30)
Comanche Nation family welcomes Johnny Depp into the tribe (05/22)
Dancers from Sagkeeng First Nation win Canada's Got Talent (05/16)
Doug George-Kanentiio: 'Crooked Arrows' scores on the screen (05/16)
Review: David Treuer takes a closer look at Ojibwe 'Rez Life' (05/14)
Nakia Zavalla: Chumash Tribe welcomes Indian basketweavers (05/10)
Native Sun News: Keeping tribal culture alive through stories (05/01)
Interview with Ojibwe author Louise Erdrich about short story (04/30)
Book Review: 'Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians' (04/30)
NPR: Tribe in Brazil is the focus of a new book about language (04/27)
Q&A: Raising money for film on Omaha woman's cancer story (04/27)
Laguna Pueblo welcomes 'The Lone Ranger' to reservation (04/23)
EW: Johnny Depp explains inspiration behind Tonto's look (04/23)
Levon Helm, singer/drummer from The Band, passes on (04/20)
Oklahoma governor to get audit of Indian museum money (04/17)
Blog: Honor the Treaties posters covered up local artwork (04/17)
People: Navajo Nation leaders visit 'The Lone Ranger' set (04/16)
Review: Yellowstone creation story in 'Empire of Shadows' (04/16)
Oklahoma governor agees to audit of Indian museum funds (04/06)
Julia Keefe: Recognizing the legacy of Mildred Rinker Bailey (03/30)
Review: A mixed bag of Indian exhibits at museum in Utah (03/29)
Review: 'Rez Life' a grim yet hopeful view of Indian Country (03/29)
City considers resolution to provide $9M for Indian museum (03/27)
Review: Mark Anthony Rolo's memoir in 'My Mother is Earth' (03/26)
Smithsonian: Edward Curtis and epic Indian Country photos (03/21)
Interview with Shane Hendren on fraudulent Indian artwork (03/15)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe seeks recognition for famed jazz singer (03/15)
Symphony receives $177K in grants for Lakota Music Project (03/13)
Column: Johnny Depp, 'vague' Indian, plays Tonto on screen (03/08)
Review: 'Birch Coulie' is essential reading on the Dakota War (03/05)
Blog: A year-long focus on aboriginal architecture in Alberta (02/29)
KUOW: Totem pole dedicated to slain Native woodcarver (02/28)
Umatilla woman a contestant on America's Next Top Model (02/27)
Review: Two-spirit experiences found in 'Sovereign Erotics' (02/27)
Review: A story of tragedy in 'Northern Cheyenne Exodus' (02/27)
Stanford News: Exhibit showcases work of Pueblo painters (02/23)
Fort Mojave Tribal Band to be featured in new documentary (02/21)
NPR: Interview with David Treuer, Leech Lake Ojibwe writer (02/21)
Review: 'David Treuer's Rez Life' not just a book on Indians (02/20)
Indian jeweler from New Mexico finds big audience in Japan (02/17)
Blog: NMAI is working on a 'whole new look' for exhibits in DC (02/17)
FY2013 budget transfers Indian Arts and Crafts Board to BIA (02/15)
Heard Museum hosts 22nd annual Hoop Dance competition (02/13)
Cetan Wanbli Williams: Native Grammy wins not that Native (02/13)
Fort Mojave Tribe welcomes filming of movie on reservation (02/10)
Campaign eyes $80M to finish Indian museum in Oklahoma (02/09)
Review: 'Seldom Disappointed' with Tony Hillerman memoir (02/06)
Review: A positive story, and Alaska Natives, in 'Big Miracle' (02/03)
Review: Exhibits showcase Native art from past and present (02/03)
KUAC: Alaska Native corporation seeks to lure film industry (02/03)
Houlton Band representative works on legislative priorities (02/01)
Lou Diamond Phillips cast as Indian best friend in TV series (01/31)
Levi Rickert: NMAI's 'Horse Nation' exhibit a must see in DC (01/31)
Michelle Sparck: An Alaska Native's review of 'Big Miracle' (01/27)
VOA News: Tsimshian carver brings his culture to NMAI in DC (01/23)
Chris Eyre to run film department at New Mexico university (01/19)
Opinion: Quileute Tribe separates fact from 'Twilight' fiction (01/18)
Review: Thought-provoking Native artists in 'Shapeshifting' (01/18)
Review: Taking another look at Custer in 'Custer's Last Stand' (01/17)
WKAR: Boarding school survivors share their stories with film (01/17)
Ex-gang members turn to music to connect to Native youth (01/16)
Editorial: 'Shapeshifting' exhibit takes on racial stereotypes (01/16)
Opinion: George Quincy blends Choctaw tradition into music (01/13)
Blog: Testament's Chuck Billy proud to share Pomo heritage (01/13)
Column: 'Custer's Last Stand' looks at Custer prior to battle (01/11)
Interview: Marc Yaffee, on tour with Pow Wow Comedy Jam (01/11)
Interview with Adam Beach on his new TV role in 'Arctic Air' (01/11)
Internet abuzz with sightings of Johnny Depp on reservation (01/11)
Quileute Tribe brings the 'Real Story' about its culture to DC (01/10)
Tsimshian carver creates totem pole for NMAI in Washington (01/09)
Smithsonian: Totem pole arrives at NMAI from Pacific Northwest (01/05)
Blog: Interview with Adam Beach about Natives and Hollywood (01/05)
Documentary focuses on horse program of the Nez Perce Tribe (01/04)
Review: Compelling stories in 'Don't Know Much About Indians' (01/03)


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