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Editorial: Recognition of Conn. tribes without merit

The Bureau of Indian Affairs' decisions to recognize two Connecticut tribes were influenced by "money and lobbyists," The Hartford Courant says in an editorial.

The paper says the recognition of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation and the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation were "illogical" and "spurious." "The congressional delegation should hold hearings on the practice of casino moguls and wealthy investors backing tribal recognition petitions," the paper says. "There should be no place for lobbyists in the process."

The paper says the state "took a posture of lazy paternalism toward its Native American population" for a long time. The state has recognized five tribes -- Mashantucket Pequot, Eastern Pequot, Schaghticoke, Mohegan and Paugussett - since Colonial times and even terminated its relationship with the Mohegan Tribe in the 1800s.

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Tribal Recognition Lacks Merit (The Hartford Courant 3/18)

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