House panel holds hearing on Endangered Species Act

A House subcommittee's field hearing on the Endangered Species Act drew about tribes, environmentalists, farmers and fishers to Klamath Falls, Oregon, on Saturday.

About 100 tribal members and their supporters marched to the site of the hearing, chanting "What about the treaties?" and "What about our rights?" They were met by about farmers, some of whom were singing "God Bless America" as they marched from the other end of town.

At the hearing, called to consider possible changes to the ESA, tribal representatives urged lawmakers not to forget about their treaty and fishing rights. Troy Fletcher, executive director of the Yurok Tribe, and Allen Foreman, chairman of the Klamath Tribes, testified.

Tribes have criticized the Bush administration's management of water in the Klamath Basin. In 2002, Interior Secretary, without consulting tribes, reversed a decision that favored tribes and salmon they depend on. The reversal favored farmers who were angry their water supply was being curtailed.

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