Column: Wisconsin Oneidas on 'raid' of New York

"If you thought Indian raids were things of the past, think again.

Readers probably are aware of Gov. Pataki's plan to turn the Catskills into a giant slot machine by giving five sites to members of the former Iroquois Nation so they may renew an age-old tribal custom: running gaming casinos.

Readers probably are not aware, however, that Pataki's giveaway could be coming closer to home. The governor's Program Bill #06, which is somewhere in the legislative mill, proposes giving the 'Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin' up to 1,000 acres of state forest land in New York for 'ceremonial, cultural and religious purposes, and which land shall be exempt from real property taxation.'"

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David Rossie: Wisconsin tribe eyes land in Chenango (The Binghamtom Press & Sun-Bulletin 4/13)

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