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Voice of America: California tribal college struggles

"California's only tribal college, DQ University, has graduated nearly 3,000 students over the past 35 years. Many went on to other, 4-year institutions. Some are now doctors and lawyers. The college is named for Deganawidah, the American Indian chief who formed the Iroquois Federation. His full name, symbolized by the letter D, is used only in a religious context. The Q stands for Quetzalcoatl, an Aztec leader later deified by his people.

After years of instability, ineffective leadership, financial mismanagement and sagging enrollment, the school lost its accreditation last year. Now, it's in debt. It doesn't have students, or professors or even a president.

DQ isn't getting help from what might seem like an obvious source, the handful of California tribes that have money to invest from their casinos. But Board member Calvin Hedrick says DQ has lost credibility with these gaming tribes. "I don't blame a tribe for not wanting to be involved at the point where we're at. But I would hope that somewhere down the line, in the hopefully very near future, they will be able to trust us not only with their money but with their youth.""

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Tribal College Struggles to Survive (Voice of America 11/14)

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