Pentagon cancels massive 'Divine Strake' blast

The Pentagon has dropped plans to explode more than 700 tons of explosives on Western Shoshone territory in Nevada.

Tribal members sued to stop the "Divine Strake" blast, worried that the test would stir up radioactive particles at the Nevada Test Site. They were joined in opposition by politicians in Nevada and Utah, and survivors of nuclear contamination.

The Pentagon delayed the blast in response to the suit and to justify its need. But officials decided to cancel it yesterday.

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TEST SITE EXPLOSION: Divine Strake blast dead (The Las Vegas Review-Journal 2/23)
Strake canceled (The St. George's Spectrum 2/23)
Divine Strake is canceled (AP 2/23)

Revised Environmental Assessment:
Revised Finding of No Significant Impact for the Large-Scale Open-Air Explosive Detonation at the Nevada Test Site (May 9, 2006)

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Western Shoshone Claims Distribution Act:
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