Editorial: A plain and simple truth about the 'Fighting Sioux'

"If a pro-Fighting Sioux strategy existed that stood a strong chance of getting the NCAA to back off, a supermajority of North Dakotans likely would support it.

That includes Grand Forks’ state legislators, most of whom voted against the state law that now mandates the Sioux name.

It includes large numbers of people on both Sioux reservations. It includes the Herald’s editorial board. And it surely includes state Sen. Rich Wardner, R-Dickinson, the North Dakota Senate’s newly elected majority leader.

But as Wardner pointed out this week, such a strategy doesn’t exist. Lawmakers thought they had one in the spring when they voted for the name-and-logo law. The law plus the governor plus the Spirit Lake Sioux tribe’s solid support had that good chance of changing the NCAA’s mind, lawmakers thought.

They were wrong. NCAA officials looked the governor and other state leaders in the eye and said, “No.”"

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OUR OPINION: Senate leader says it plain about name (The Grand Forks Herald 9/10)

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