Steve Russell: Talking Mitt Romney with cousin Ray Sixkiller

"“We ain’t even two months into the election year, and the thing is already going to the dogs.”

Cousin Ray Sixkiller had been laying off politics since the Cherokee elections but I could sense that the wind was about to pick up.

“How’s that, Ray?”

“Well, Romney seems to have the Republican nomination sewn up, but there’s something in his background that spells trouble.”

“You mean that he was born with more money than we’ll earn in a lifetime?”

“Nah, we elect rich people all the time.”

“His time with Bain Capital, when he would waltz in and suck all the money out of some company that was the main employer in a small town and leave everybody broke and out of work?”"

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Steve Russell: The Parable of Mitt Romney’s Dog, Seamus (Indian Country Today 2/7)

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