Julia Good Fox: A unified political platform for Indian Country

"Is a unified platform a political necessity for Indian Country?

Yes, of course it is.

Last week, National Congress of American Indians President, Jefferson Keel (Chickasaw), delivered the NCAI’s 2012 State of Indian Nations. Entitled, “A Vision for ‘Our America,’” the address actually was remarkable for the forcefulness of its pro-Tribal rhetoric. Listening to President Keel, I was reminded of the adage that the people perish when there is no vision.

So what is the current political vision of Indian Country as formulated by Tribal Peoples?

This vision, a viable political platform for Indian Country, can be achieved and implemented with no loss to the crucial importance of Tribal nationalism. (This is also true to with regards to voting in U.S. state and federal elections. The eventual formation of an inter-Tribal political party, which will provide an increase in meaningful and relevant choices for Indian Country other than those offered by the Democrat Party or the GOP, will be another instance of meaningful self-determination; and again, these choices will not undermine the primacy of our respective Tribal nations. I will address these topics during 2012.)"

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