Editorial: Quileute Tribe can finally move to safer grounds

"For decades, the tribe has lobbied Congress, asking the federal government to return to the tribe some of the higher ground adjacent to the village, which is within the boundaries of the Olympic National Park, but historic tribal lands.

Let us relocate our village on higher ground, out of harm’s way from an earthquake and tsunami, tribal leaders have pleaded.

Finally, the wishes of the tribe have come true. Congress last week approved a transfer of 785 acres of park land to the tribe so they can begin to build a safer future.

It took last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan for the tribe to finally get the attention of Congress it deserved. Look, they said of the pictures of death and destruction along the Japanese coast. This is the fate that awaits our tribe and our children."

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Editorial: Tribe gets chance to move to safety (The Olympian 2/24)

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