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Editorial: Don't stir racial animosity against Coquille Tribe

"Talk of a public vote on forest lands management is certainly premature and probably counterproductive. It threatens to stir up racial animosity and destroy an economic opportunity for Coos County.

The talk is premature because there's nothing to vote on. Three Oregon congressmen last week released a 'discussion draft" of a bill aiming to expand federal timber harvests in 18 Oregon counties. One small part of the bill would let Coos County manage the so-called Coos Bay Wagon Road Lands, possibly in partnership with the Coquille Indian Tribe or some other entity.

The bill's language easily could change before its introduction in the House. Once introduced, it will be subject to amendment, and its chances of passing at all are uncertain.

Nevertheless, County Commissioner Bob Main this week proposed an advisory vote on whether the county should partner with the tribe."

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