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Gabe Galanda: Interior's land consolidation plan a disaster

"This month the U.S. Department of Interior issued a draft proposal regarding its implementation of $1.9 billion in Indian land consolidation monies authorized in the Cobell settlement. The proposal, which would allow tribal governments to buy fractionated, individual Indian-owned lands with federal monies, has been heralded as satisfying tribal governments’ land consolidation concerns. The plan, through of noble intent, falls far short in identifying or addressing the concerns of tribal member landowners.

Interior’s proposal is ripe for disaster because it would spawn property ownership clashes of enormous legal and socioeconomic consequence. In many instances, the fight would be between tribal governments and impoverished tribal members – pinning tribes against their own citizens, and causing actionable intra-tribal conflicts of interest for the United States."

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Gabe Galanda: Interior’s Consolidation Plan Threatens Indian Land Tenure (Indian Country Today 3/28)

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