Jake LaMere: The call to action on Trayvon Martin tragedy

"It seems that we all can be lost on what a “call to action” really entails. As a society, we are pulled in various directions, the amount of information which we choose to consume or ignore is limitless, and often the decisions we make can cause a stir on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. While reading Gyasi Ross’s column featured on Race-Talk and reposted on IndianCountryTodayMediaNetwork.com regarding Trayvon Martin, I could not help but think of the rapid reactions and waves of emotion that flow over all of us in times of despair, frustration and rage. Unfortunately, calling for action in Gyasi’s case left me quite confused as to the motives or direction of his message. He wrote:

“It wasn’t your son that was murdered simply because he happened to be wearing black skin when he was walking from the store. Maybe you don’t even have a son; furthermore, statistically, chances are that if you do have a son, your son probably doesn’t have black skin. Therefore, it is simply impossible for your son to be in this situation.”"

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Jake LaMere: A Response to Gyasi Ross’s Column on Trayvon Martin (Indian Country Today 3/27)

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