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Round Valley Indian Tribes receive $8.5M trust settlement

The Round Valley Indian Tribes of California accepted $8.5 million to settle a trust mismanagement lawsuit.

The tribes sought damages for the federal government's mismanagement of trust funds and trust assets. The claim dates to 1856, when the reservation was set aside for the Yuki, Concow Maidu, Little Lake, Pomo, Nomlaki, Wailaki and Pit River tribes.

“Our people have historically endured irreparable trauma from the theft of our lands, the atrocious abuse of our ancestors, and the desecration of our traditions,” said Vice President Joe Dukepoo.

“This is not a ‘true’ settlement because it does not include payment for all of the wrongdoing to us and our ancestors – such harms simply cannot be quantified," Dukepoo added. "But it is an honorable effort by the United States to reconcile with the Tribe and to resolve our trust grievances dating back 156 years. In that way, the settlement is a significant milestone between Round Valley and the United States.”

The tribes will use the money for community and economic development projects and to create jobs on the reservation.

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