Rod Pocowatchit: No fan of Johnny Depp as Tonto in Lone Ranger

"I have always appreciated Johnny Depp.

Even despite his recent slam against Wichita in an article that ran in the U.K. paper, the Guardian, where he implied that Wichitans aren’t intelligent enough to appreciate “intelligent” films. OK, that did lower him a notch on my favorites list.

But I have liked his choices in movies, his creative collaborations with Tim Burton, and his ability to completely disappear into a role.

But I am not a fan of his casting as Comanche sidekick Tonto in “The Lone Ranger,” coming out in May 2013. And I particularly do not like the publicity photo teaser that was recently released on the Internet. It shows him with pale, ghostly face paint and a headdress that looks like a crow died on his head. It’s certainly not dress that is authentic to Comanches of the Old West era, and seems to imply ridiculousness for the sake of comedy.

I am Comanche (as well as Pawnee and Shawnee). And I think we shouldn’t be embracing this portrayal, but protesting it. "

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