Editorial: Problems keep on mounting for Matthew Tso at Navajo

"Apparently the only thing Matthew Tso is ashamed of these days is his college degree. It seems to be the only thing he is hiding when it comes to his public character.

And voters should be ashamed if they vote for Tso in his sketchy bid for the state Senate. If he's not willing to be open and transparent now, what can we expect in a higher office?

Tso should resign from his position on the San Juan College board of directors, he should resign from his role as president of the Central Consolidated School Board, and he should drop his election campaign.

He is embarrassing those entities, and it seems clear that the most important thing to Matthew Tso is Matthew Tso."

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EDITORIAL: Put up or shut up: Matthew Tso should go (The Farmington Daily-Times 5/27)

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