Letters: Readers discuss Oregon policy against 'Indian' mascots

Bill Cloran: "As far as the racism so ingrained that it is not recognized, consider the Irish: A police van is called a Paddy Wagon, "Paddy" being a derogatory name for the Irish."

Geoffrey A. Gass: "Why not honor Native American tribes, leaders and warriors with due respect? Because they did not win their battles with the invading Europeans? That decision is pure racism and should be so considered."

Susan Hansen: "These hideous stereotypes of Indians are racist insults to proud people working to protect and re-establish cultures. I am thankful the state Board of Education listened to the professionals who explained how harmful this is to Native American students and to our fellow contemporary Native American citizens."

Chris Smith: "As a Native American elder who for the most part lives comfortably in the dominant society, I am uncomfortable when I see people imitating our tribal dances. Many of us consider these traditional dances sacred. These are tools of separation, in my view."

Barry Adams: Education in Oregon is in a mess, and the best (the government) can come up with is to force schools to change their mascots? Even if nationally more than 80 percent of the public disagrees and eight of the nine tribes in Oregon didn't side with you, it still continued down the same path."

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