Editorial: Santa Clara Pueblo faces another disaster without aid

Sen. Tom Udall (far right) speaks with Kris Schafer (far left), Army Corps of Engineers, and Santa Clara Gov. Walter Dasheno (middle). Photo Courtesy Santa Clara Pueblo.

"Many of this country’s people affected by the great number and variety of natural disasters over the past decade or so have qualified for federal emergency aid in rebuilding. Not only have they qualified for the money, they’ve actually gotten it, and been able to begin the long process of restoring their lives and communities.

But Santa Clara Pueblo, which had begun very successfully to rebuild after the devastation to its watershed by the Cerro Grande Fire in 2000, is now apparently in the position of being unable to access more emergency funding to recover from the far more disastrous Las Conchas Fire last year.

Somebody at FEMA needs to listen up: A third disaster, in the form of flash flooding down the all-but-destroyed Santa Clara Canyon drainage, is a real possibility. And in this disaster, unlike in the other two, the tribe stands to lose not only most of its community buildings but also, potentially, human lives. "

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Editorial: Pueblo Facing Potential Disaster (The Albuquerque Journal 7/11)

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