Column: TV news director who left job claims Native ancestry

"Let’s call it Jason’s Journey.

For former Fox 21 KQDS-TV news director Jason Vincent, 32, it’s a continuum of everything he’d learned, or hadn’t learned, about cultural respect and identity, including his own.

For those who only first heard of him two weeks ago, when a Facebook comment he’d posted disparaging of Native Americans went viral, it’s a story about contrition, and maybe learning and growing a little.

“It hasn’t been fun,” Vincent said Friday on WGZS-FM, the Fond du Lac Band’s radio station, in his first public interview since the flap. “From the very beginning, I apologized up and down for what I did and the horrible comment that I made and the hurt (it) caused.”"

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Robin Washington: Former Fox 21 news director finds new job — and contrition (The Fargo Forum 8/20)

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