Cedric Sunray: Poarch Band sells out after federal recognition

"A recent statement made in the press by council member Robert McGhee of the Poarch Band in Alabama, while being criticized by local county officials who felt they were being economically undermined by the Poarch gaming empire, typifies the Poarch casinos, one’s expansion, and its continual impact upon the Hickory Grounds issue of desecrating ancestral burial sites which has justifiably angered the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma.

“…Are you upset because we’re no longer the quiet group of poor Indians…”

That statement is the essence of false victimization and historical revisionism and one in a continuous series of misleading statements that have been the vanguard of Poarch leadership over numerous decades.

So who are the Poarch? By their own accounts, their very identity seems highly debatable. "

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Cedric Sunray: Poarch “Creeks”: Cashing In and Selling Out (The Native American Times 8/18)

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