Oliver Semans: Losing a modern-day warrior in Stanley Crooks

"How do you describe the loss of a modern day warrior, a chief, and a friend? That’s where I am at today after hearing about the loss of Chairman Stanley Crooks of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community.

Although Chairman Crooks is well known for his generosity and kindness in helping Tribes, not many are aware of his commitment to protecting the voting rights of the Great Plains tribal members. Because of his vast knowledge on Treaties and Sovereignty, he had the foresight to build up a tribal voting block to protect our rights. Four Directions is honored in helping protect and implementing his commitment to Indian country.

In 2004, my wife Barbara and I were invited to speak at the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community on the importance of Tribal involvement in State and Federal Elections. When it was time for me to talk, I looked around the room and saw great leaders from all of Indian Country sitting in the audience and I said to myself, Thank you Chairman Crooks for making this possible. Normally an Indian boy (doesn’t sound right saying old Indian) like me with no title and not a tribal leader—just someone from the reservations—would not be able to address so many individuals leading our Nations at once on what we believed was such an important topic. Chairman Crooks made it possible."

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Oliver J. Semans: Chairman Stanley Crooks, a Great Leader, Is on His Journey to the Spirit World (Indian Country Today 8/31)

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