Gyasi Ross: Tribal nations can't count on major political parties

"An Indian Tribe—an autonomous Nation comprised of Natives that has existed on this continent since time immemorial—deferring to a political party is like a mighty glacier conforming to the howling wind. It simply should not happen. Instead, that mountain has been there since the formation of the earth cannot be shaped by the wind that comes and goes and blows in different directions depending on the day. The wind goes around it; indeed, the wind, as loud as it may howl, conforms to the mountain.

The two major political parties come and go and blow in different directions depending upon the season; they are fickle, and will sell their mother to stay in power. Native Nations are the mountain that has been here since before the formation of this infant Nation and will continue to be here after this Nation collapses due to excess, consumerism and bad karma.

It is therefore backwards for Native Nations to bend to the fickle will of political parties."

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Gyasi Ross: A Pragmatic Look at Tribal Participation in Non-Native Elections: Mountains, Winds, and Abraham Lincoln the Gay, Woman and Minority Hunter (Indian Country Today 8/30)

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