Gyasi Ross: Breaking news - Wealthy Mitt Romney is an elitist

"Now, Mitt Romney. The son of a governor. Gazillionaire. Perfect hair. And folks are acting surprised that he is an elitist? C’mon man … quit lying—everybody and their mama knew that he wouldn’t pee on a person making less than $250K if that person was on fire…

Indeed, I submit that nobody (including you!!) is surprised about Mitt Romney’s video about the poor and unemployed; everybody’s faking indignation. It’s all for effect. I further submit that anybody who is truly shocked by this “revelation” is a rube and I have a bridge to sell you

In fact, it would have been substantially more surprising if there was some secret underground video—made of the same stuff that “black boxes” in airplane crashes are made of—of Mitt Romney saying “I love poor people and I will do anything and everything possible, as President of the United States of America, to help eradicate poverty. We rich people with perfect hair just have not done enough. We are bastards and shame on us.”

That would have been a surprise. This? This isn’t news; this is merely par for the course—come back when you have some real breaking news."

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Gyasi Ross: Breaking News: Scarlett Johansson Is Hot, the Sky is Blue, Mitt is an Elitist, and Other Shocking Developments (Indian Country Today 9/18)

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