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Washington NFL team video features Indian Country supporters

Mark One Wolf Yancey is featured in Washington NFL team's video. Still from YouTube

The Washington NFL team released a video featuring Indian Country supporters of its racist mascot.

Fourteen people are featured in the clip. Included is a man named "Mark One Wolf" who is identified as "Chiricahua / Apache" -- his Indian identity is the subject of debate.

YouTube: Washington NFL Team Video

Of the remaining 13, five are members of the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Montana, whose leaders have eagerly accepted the team's money. The footage appears to come from a rodeo event on the reservation that the team sponsored a couple of weeks ago.

Three others are from the Blackfeet Nation in Montana. Two are Wetzel family members who claim Walter “Blackie” Wetzel, a former tribal chairman, designed the team's logo although accounts conflict on his role.

The full list of people in the video follows:
  Mark One Wolf - "Chiricahua / Apache"
  Phillip Sutherland - Chippewa Cree
  Mark Beasley - Navajo
  Robert Doore - Blackfeet
  Mike Wetzel - Blackfeet
  Megan Yellowhorse - Navajo
  Yancey Hawley - Fort Belknap
  Tony Woods - Chippewa Cree
  Amanda Kay Not Afraid - Crow
  Don Wetzel - Blackfeet
  Clarissa Bishop - Fort Belknap
  Wade Colliflower - Chippewa Cree
  Jennifer Small - Chippewa Cree
  Enis Johnson - Chippewa Cree

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