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Norbert Hill: It's past time to drop the Washington NFL mascot

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Norbert Hill Jr., a member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin who serves as education director for the tribe, and Robert A. Yingst, a civil rights lawyer, discuss the Washington NFL team's racist mascot:
Young people who wince and retreat into themselves every time their identity as human beings is boiled down to this offensive, disparaging R word are entitled to more. Once they were stripped of their identity as they were compelled to stop using their language and wearing their Native clothes, a policy imposed by the U.S. military. Moving forward is what the NFL should do as it leave the racist past behind.

Defending the indefensible is one thing, but to persist in doling out a few sweatshirts and other "R*skin" clothes to the children of impoverished tribes is evidence of just how wrongheaded is his resistance to changing the racist name of the Washington football team.

We have come a long way since the $200 bounty was offered for the skin of a human being called a "redskin."

Green Bay has brought honor to football — time and time again. It should step out in front on this civil rights issue and help move the NFL forward away from the racist past. Celebrating the players and the team is what it is supposed to be about.

It is time to change the name.

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Norbert Hill Jr. and Robert A. Yingst: It's time to change Redskins name (The Green Bay Press-Gazette 9/17)

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