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Obama hasn't fulfilled pledge for tribal town hall

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois) skipped Prez on the Rez and it looks like he might skip another tribal leaders forum being organized by Democratic activist Kalyn Free, Indian Country Today reports.

Obama told Free, the founder of INDN's List, that he would attend the town hall-style meeting. But his campaign is unwilling to provide at least four weeks notice before the event, making it nearly impossible to plan and inform tribal leaders, ICT reports.

'If Sen. Obama truly wants to make it happen, he has more control over that than any one Indian leader or any one political Indian activist,'' Jim Gray, chief of the Osage Nation of Oklahoma, told ICT. ''He knows that we want to meet him - that message has been given to him on many, many occasions. It's just a question of how badly he wants to meet Indian country.''

Free, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, is a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention. She supported Obama in part because he agreed to attend the forum.

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