Group wants city to seize Muscogee Nation land
A group called the South Tulsa Citizens Coalition wants the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to condemn land owned by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation in order to stop the tribe from developing the property.

The group previously fought plans to build a bridge across the Arkansas River. Seizing the land could prevent the tribe from doing the same.

"We've spent millions of taxpayer dollars to come up with this plan, and now we have a potential bridge and commercial development," a spokesperson for the group told The Tulsa World.

The tribe plans a bridge, a hotel, retail shops, an office park and housing on the land, according to a city council member who obtained a tribal development plan. The tribe is in the process of preparing a land-into-trust application to submit to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The city council has passed a resolution against the tribe's application.

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Group wants Tulsa to explore seizing land to halt tribe's plan (The Tulsa World 9/4)
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