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IHS eyes youth treatment centers in California

The Indian Health Service plans to open two youth treatment facilities in California, The Marysville/Yuba City Appeal-Democrat reports.

The centers would provide substance abuse treatment and other services to Native youth. Each would cost $18 million to build and require a $4 million annual budget.

"Without adequate treatment facilities located within the state, we have been losing young people to more serious behaviors leading to incarceration and even death at an alarming rate," Gary Ball, an IHS architect in California, told the paper.

The agency is looking at 80 potential sites. One would be located in the northern part of the state and the other in the southern part.

"Right now, we're having to send a lot of our kids to Utah, or to Arizona," Rena Eley, a council member of the Enterprise Rancheria, told the paper "So this is really needed "

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