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KLCC: Possible tsunami debris washing up on Makah Nation

"It’s been almost a year since a 9.0-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan triggered a tsunami. The Japanese government estimated that up to 25 million tons of debris washed into the Pacific Ocean. Now that debris may be starting to make landfall along US coasts.

Billy Noel: “When we look at our area, this is the beginning of the world. The blacktop starts here and it moves East.”

Billy Noel is a member of the Makah tribe and works for the tribal fisheries department. Dana Sarff is the Sustainable Resources Coordinator for the tribe.

Dana Sarff: “Where did you find the debris Billy? Was it down that way?”

Late last year Noel found the same black floats John Anderson has in his yard.

Billy Noel: “When we were coming out here we see these objects on the beach, don’t look right. Lo and behold it’s stuff we’re not familiar with being here.”

The Makah are an ocean people. For hundreds of years they have made sea-worthy canoes for whaling and fishing in these coastal waters. Today they have the largest tribal fishing fleet in the United States."

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