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Delaware Nation seeks to bring green energy to Oklahoma

The Delaware Nation of Oklahoma is building a home for green energy businesses.

The tribe paid $3 million for a 250,000 square-foot building in Anadarko. After $1 million in renovations, the building is ready to house environmentally friendly businesses.

"We're trying to make it where it's kind of an incubator center for start-up businesses that are hopefully focused on green technology or at least a business that can't destroy the planet and can employ people," Jerry Kennedy, the executive director of the tribe's economic development corporation, told The Lawton Constitution. "It's kind of the heritage with Mother Earth and all that kind of stuff — to help with the planet as well as to help here with employment in Anadarko."

The tribe hopes to bring solar panel manufacturers to Oklahoma. The tribe already owns Unami Solar, a solar power developer in New Jersey.

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