Indian lawmaker in Oklahoma investigated for sexual harassment

Oklahoma Rep. Will Fourkiller (D). Photo: Oklahoma House

An Indian lawmaker in Oklahoma is being investigated by his peers for alleged sexual harassment.

In a statement, Rep. Will Fourkiller (D), a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, said he "apologized" after a female high school page said she felt "uncomfortable" in his presence back in 2015. But he isn't sure whether he Special Investigation Committee is looking into that that incident or something else.

"I am certainly willing to work with the committee, after I have been told what I’m suspected of having done,” Fourkiller said in the statement, a copy of which was posted by The Tahlequah Daily Press.

Fourkiller and a second colleague are being investigated by the committee, which is composed of lawmakers in the House. The bipartisan panel is meeting on Wednesday to start the process, Rep. Josh Cockroft (R), the chair, said.

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