Apache attorney elected as chair of Arizona elections commission

Mitch Laird, former chair of the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission, is seen on the left with Steve Titla, the new chair. Photo: Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission

The Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission has a Native American chair for the first time.

Steve M. Titla, an attorney and citizen of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, joined the commission in 2013. He's taking on new leadership role as part of his five-year term.

“Every voter, no matter where they are in the state, should have access to critical election information. From how to register, how to get a ballot and how to cast an informed vote, the commission is charged with promoting participating in the political process," Titla said in a press release. "I welcome the opportunity to lead the commission in 2017 and to strengthen our education program for all voters."

The commission is charged with promoting participation in elections in Arizona and with ensuring that elections are free of corruption.

The commission has five members.

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