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Opinion: Bishop helped save lives of Sioux men after 1862 war (07/18)
Professor explores the role of a bishop who convinced then-president Abraham Lincoln not to execute every Dakota man after the Dakota War of 1862.

Richard Littlebear: Montana takes the lead in Indian education (07/18)
Despite uneasy relationship with Native people, Montana has initiated some true innovations in the area of education.

Opinion: Land-into-trust will help tribes in Alaska meet needs (07/17)
Professor says including Alaska tribes in the land-into-trust process will help them address economic and social needs.

Opinion: Washington NFL team's origins connect to Jim Thorpe (07/17)
Attorney claims the Washington NFL team's name pays tribute to the league's origins with Jim Thorpe as a player and coach.

DaShanne Stokes: Offensive mascots lead to offensive actions (07/17)
DaShanne Stokes explains why racist mascots contribute to racist behavior.

Jodi Gillette: AmeriCorps expands outreach in Indian Country (07/17)
BR> Jodi Gillette and Wendy Spencer discuss how AmeriCorps is reaching out to Indian Country.

Raina Thiele: Action plan gets tribes ready for climate change (07/17)
Raina Thiele and Susan Ruffo discuss how the Interior Department and the Environmental Protection Agency will help tribes prepare for climate change.

Ivan Star Comes Out: Teach youth about forms of government (07/17)
Realistically, we have something between a democracy and a dictatorship.

Opinion: Native Americans get stake in Native Hawaiian status (07/16)
Writer connects Interior Department effort to revise the federal recognition process with discussions about Native Hawaiian sovereignty.

Carla Mann: Johnson O'Malley needs an accurate student count (07/16)
An accurate student count is the first step in ensuring the survival of the Johnson O'Malley program.

Winter King: Protecting sacred sites after Supreme Court case (07/16)
Attorney Winter King wonders if the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby can protect the sacred San Francisco Peaks.

Steven Newcomb: Indian Country is a system of schizophrenia (07/16)
Steven Newcomb reflects on President Barack Obama and his visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota.

Grouchy Gourmet: A politically-correct 'Native American Taco' (07/16)
Trying to change the age-old 'Indian taco' to 'Native American Taco' is almost sacrilegious.

Dan Littlefield: Freedmen deserve Cherokee Nation citizenship (07/15)
Dan Littlefield discusses the controversy over Freedmen citizenship within the Cherokee Nation.

Roger Birdbear: Return land at lake to individual Indian owners (07/15)
Roger Birdbear calls on the Army Corps of Engineers to return land around Lake Sakakawea to its original individual Indian owners.

Clara Caufield: Broke tribe spends chunk of change on powwow (07/15)
I, too, love Pow Wow and am careful not to denigrate this wonderful tradition.

Marc Simmons: Mangas Coloradas was powerful Apache chief (07/14)
Marc Simmons looks at the life of Mangas Coloradas, one of the most powerful Apache leaders.

Harlan McKosato: Reflecting on Obama's trip to Indian Country (07/14)
Harlan McKosato ask activist and poet John Trudel about President Barack Obama.

ICT interview with Rep. Daines on election and Indian issues (07/14)
Rep. Steve Daines (R-Montana) discusses his Senate campaign and Indian issues.

Rick Cuevas: Pechanga disenrollments motivated by politics (07/14)
Rick Cuevas addresses disenrollment controversy within the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians.

Opinion: Unique ceremony blends Navajo and Jewish culture (07/14)
Rabbi Marc Soloway shares a unique ceremony for Lila Crank that blender her Navajo and Jewish traditions.

George Wickliffe: United Keetoowah Band chooses its own path (07/14)
The United Keetoowah Band does not view the signing of the Act of Union as an event to celebrate.

Dick Cavett: Leonard Crow Dog's ceremony in New York City (07/14)
Dick Cavett recalls the time Lakota medicine man Leonard Crow Dog performed a ceremony in New York City.

Jackie Siers: Worried about the future of the Oglala Sioux Tribe (07/14)
Just when you think you’re getting the right leadership in office, something turns in another direction.

Vernon Masayesva: Coal-fired power plant harms Hopi people (07/14)
Vernon Masayesva, the founder of the Black Mesa Trust, questions a settlement that allows a coal-fired power plant to keep operating.

Simon Moya-Smith: Mascot supporters use tired arguments (07/14)
Simon Moya-Smith wants to know what Indian mascot defenders tell their children.

Andre Crambit: Apologize for mistreatment of Native women (07/14)
Andre Crambit calls on the San Francisco Giants to apologize to the public for the mistreatment of two Native women.

Opinion: Moving forward after Obama's visit to Indian Country (07/11)
Writer says President Barack Obama should be held accountable for remarks he made during his visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Chelsey Luger: Interview with VICE producer on Native gangs (07/11)
Chelsey Luger interviews VICE News producer Nilo Tabrizy about Native gangs in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Column: It's getting harder to discover tribal artifacts in Illinois (07/10)
An Illinois main explains how he used to find Indian artifacts but laments that few seem to be around these days.

Gyasi Ross: Bethany Yellowtail carries on tradition with fashion (07/10)
Gyasi Ross sings the praises of Northern Cheyenne / Crow fashion designer Bethany Yellowtail.

Barry Brandon: Media gets it wrong yet again on tribal lenders (07/10)
Barry Brandon, the executive director of the Native American Financial Services Association, says Al Jazeera feature on tribal lenders was biased and one-sided.

Elise Patkotak: Alaska Natives deserve to vote in their languages (07/09)
Elise Patkotak supports efforts to translate voting materials into Native languages in Alaska.

Opinion: Governor's no-show at NCAI was embarrassing to Alaska (07/09)
Professor Jenny Bell-Jones wonders why Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell (R) ignored the recent mid-year session of the National Congress of American Indians.

Column: Indian wars in the Southeast lasted until the late 1700s (07/09)
Writer provides a list of Indian wars in the Southeast, starting in 1540 and ending with a prolonged conflict between the Cherokee Nation and the Chickasaw Nation in the late 1700s.

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