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Kenneth Deer: UN meeting an opportunity for indigenous peoples (09/12)
Kenneth Deer discusses the ramifications of the upcoming World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

Bryan Brewer: Bill for Native language immersion a high priority (09/12)
As President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe I would like to say kudos to the National Congress of American Indians for including the Native Language Immersion Student Achievement Act as a priority legislative issue.

Editorial: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe trying to make budget work (09/11)
Newspaper commends the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe for taking a hard look at its budget.

Mark Trahant: Affordable Care Act is worthy of debate in election (09/11)
Newsflash: Republicans hate the Affordable Care Act.

Jessica Carro: Native people treated like foreigners in Argentina (09/11)
Jessica Carro discusses the treatment of indigenous people in Argentina.

Gyasi Ross: Support Quechan skate park and self-determination (09/11)
Gyasi Ross urges support and donations for the Quechan Memorial Skatepark after tribal members turned down 'hush money' from the owner of the Washington NFL team.

Opinion: Decision signals shift on state taxation in Indian Country (09/10)
Attorneys Del Laverdure and Bryan Newland discuss a recent federal court decision blocking the state of Florida from imposing taxes on lands held in trust for the Seminole Tribe.

Mark Trahant: Native voters bring element of surprise in election (09/10)
Sometimes the practice of journalism drives me crazy.

Julianne Jennings: Fear of witches and Indians in Massachusetts (09/10)
Julianne Jennings explores the connection between the fear of Indians and the Salem witchcraft trials.

Jay Daniels: Return per cap if you oppose resource development (09/10)
Jay Daniels says tribal members who oppose resource development shouldn't accept per capita payments from those activities.

Opinion: Cherokee Nation loses land to land grab a century ago (09/09)
Author discusses the Land Run of 1893, in which land promised to the Cherokee Nation by treaty was open to settlers.

Opinion: Salt River Tribe must deal with growing gang problems (09/09)
A retired police officer urges leaders of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Community to take action against gangs and crime.

Opinion: Caddo language word for 'friendly' gave name to Texas (09/09)
Historian explains how the presence of the Caddo Nation is still felt in Texas.

Vince Two Eagles: Indian family seen as threat in urban Chicago (09/09)
Vince Two Eagles shares the story of Bennie Bearskin, a member of the Winnebago Tribe whose family was part of the urban relocation effort.

Steven Newcomb: Court describes Native activities as 'parasitic' (09/09)
Steven Newcomb exposes questionable language in a Supreme Court decision from Canada.

Mike Wise: NFL leader must go over handling of domestic violence (09/09)
Washington Post columnist calls for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to step down over his handling of a player's domestic violence incident.

Barry Brandon: DOJ places a chokehold on tribal loan enterprises (09/09)
Barry Brandon, the executive director of the Native American Financial Services Association, blasts the Department of Justice for targeting tribal Internet loan businesses.

Opinion: Sen. Begich playing politics with Native women's issues (09/08)
We have decided as Alaska Native women to respond to Heather Kendall-Miller and Lloyd Miller’s egregious op-ed about Dan Sullivan and Sen. Mark Begich.

Albert Bender: Native people are victims of racist police hostility (09/08)
Albert Bender says police brutality unites American Indians and African Americans.

DaShanne Stokes: US must stop interfering with sovereign tribes (09/08)
DaShanne Stokes the U.S. Constitution has been 'grossly misinterpreted' to authorize Congressional authority over tribal nations.

Harlan McKosato: Pueblo woman running for office in New Mexico (09/08)
Harlan McKosato sits down with Deb Haaland, a single mother from Laguna Pueblo who is running for lieutenant governor of New Mexico.

Editorial: Think hard about Navajo Nation project in Grand Canyon (09/08)
Newspaper urges leaders of the Navajo Nation to exercise great caution while considering a tourism project in Grand Canyon National Park.

Dennis Worden: Supporting self-determination in Indian Country (09/08)
Dennis Worden, a member of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, calls on Congress to support economic development in Indian Country.

Mark Trahant: The Native vote counts more in this election cycle (09/08)
Low-turnout elections, whether primary or the general, favor the few, the organized, and, perhaps, Native voters.

Michael Gross: A new battle for self-determination at BIE schools (09/08)
Attorney Michael Gross discusses reform plans for the Bureau of Indian Education.

Chris Bethmann: An Oneida Indian without official documentation (09/08)
Chris Bethmann shares his experience as a descendant of the Oneida Nation of New York without official tribal documentation.

Tim Giago: Indigenous people of Australia and America share path (09/08)
There is a colonization connection the indigenous people of Australia and America share.

Chief Allan: Coeur d'Alene Tribe looking to adjudicate water rights (09/05)
Chairman Chief Allan of the Coeut d'Alene Tribe explains why the tribe is seeking to quantify its water rights.

Opinion: Native language immersion efforts make better students (09/05)
Teresa L. McCarty discuses how Native language immersion programs are improving student achievement.

Jacqueline Keeler: Hair represents who we are as Navajo people (09/05)
Jacqueline Keeler explains why long hair is important in Navajo Nation culture.

Mark Trahant: Shape of Senate still up in the air for 2014 elections (09/04)
A couple of weeks ago the political narrative for 2014 was all but final.

Editorial: It's time to sack Washington NFL team's offensive name (09/04)
The New York Daily News explains why it will no longer use the Washington NFL team's name or its logo.

Ask a Mexican: Why don't more Mexicans self-identify as Native? (09/03)
Gustavo Arellano explains why Mexicans are reluctant to identify themselves as indigenous even though they boast large numbers:

Mark Trahant: Rethinking the young millennial Native voters of 2014 (09/03)
I will admit a deep, dark secret. I am a baby boomer.

Tim Giago: Few Native officers within Rapid City police department (09/03)
Ever since the late 1800s when Rapid City began to grow as a city there has been a bone of contention between Indians and the city’s law enforcement.

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