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Paper continues Indian education special report

The Billings Gazette continues its special report on Indian education on reservations in Montana.

Today's stories look at the impact of elders and basketball coaches at a school on the Crow Reservation. During the summer, the Crow Agency School offers a special class in tribal values and customs.

Dora Rides Horse, 72, and several other elders volunteered this past summer. She passes on Crow language and customs to a growing group of students.

This summer, the school also held its first basketball camp. More than 420 applications were submitted, nearly twice the expected number. Next summer, participation will be tied to attendance in hopes of encouraging students to stay in school.

Another story looks at the high turnover of teachers at reservation schools. The Northern Cheyenne Reservation experiences a 15-20 percent turnover, said a superintendent. The Crow Reservation sees a 40 percent turnover.

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Elders, basketball coaches help impart values (The Billings Gazette 8/24)
Teachers come and go, but many stay (The Billings Gazette 8/24)

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