Editorial: Joe Shirley Jr. for Navajo Nation president

"Navajo Nation voters will choose between two very different presidential candidates this week. Joe Shirley Jr. is the incumbent, hoping to land a second four-year term. Lynda Lovejoy, the first woman to ever successfully earn her way onto the final Navajo presidential ballot, is trying to unseat Shirley.

Shirley also is backing the controversial Desert Rock Power Plant, which would be located near Burnham. Plant owners hope to begin construction in mid-summer and claim the 1,500-megawatt, coal-fired plant would create hundreds of permanent jobs to help boost the tribe's struggling economy. Millions in tax revenues would also come from the proposed plant.

Shirley, from Chinle, Ariz., was a Navajo Nation Council delegate for years before being voted into the president's office in 2002. Shirley, 58, is a major proponent of establishing casino-style gambling on the Navajo Nation. He believes gaming would generated more than $100 million a year in extra revenues for the financially troubled nation.

We commend Lovejoy for her passion and desire to make improvements throughout the Navajo Nation. We simply aren't convinced she can help make those improvements happen, given her lack of experience working in Window Rock. And, while Shirley has room to refine his political agenda, we believe he should be given four more years on the job. He seemingly wants to take the Navajo Nation to the next level of progress. Much needs to be done, and Shirley is the preferred choice to help lead the way.

The Daily Times endorses Joe Shirley Jr. for Navajo Nation president."

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Editorial: Shirley takes on Lovejoy for Navajo presidency (The Farmington Daily Times 11/5)

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