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Blog: BIA fails to punish Jeanette Hanna for ethical violations

Cause of Action looks into Jeanette Hanna, a Bureau of Indian Affairs employee who has been the subject of numerous complaints:
According to a Department of the Interior, Office of the Inspector General (DOI OIG) report and numerous complaints filed by Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) employees, Jeanette Hanna, the former Regional Director of the Eastern Oklahoma Regional Office of the BIA, mismanaged tribal trust funds, abused her authority, retaliated against employees, steered contracts, and had an inappropriate relationship with a government contractor that created a conflict of interest. The DOI OIG report reveals that there were at least 17 formal complaints, 2 separate DOI OIG investigations, and 4 different reviews by the BIA and the DOI Office of Policy, Management and Budget (PMB) of Hanna’s behavior between 2005 and 2011. Just how badly must a federal employee behave before getting fired?

In November 2009, the BIA placed Hanna on detail in Washington, DC, while the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs (AS-IA) reviewed her alleged ethical violations. Hanna remained on detail for more than 500 days longer than allowed by agency rules. However, no action was ultimately taken by the AS-IA, so the DOI OIG initiated an investigation in August 2011 after receiving information that BIA officials failed to act on the complaints against Hanna.

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Ethical Violations and Retaliation: How to Get Promoted at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (Cause of Action 6/11)

DOI Inspector General Report:
Jeanette Hanna (August 2012)

Rep. Hastings Letters:
Letter to Chief of Staff Laura Davis (May 17, 2 013)
Letter to Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn (May 17, 2013)

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